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Beeswax for sale

$2.20 Excluding GST

Available in 80 gram+ blocks

This equals $27.50 / Kg

Beeswax is a totally natural product so be aware the colour can vary depending on the pollen content. Ideal for candle making, beeswax wraps, polishes or cosmetics.

Uses for beeswax –


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  • Description
  • Description

    Hive World now stocks beeswax for sale:

    • Beautiful, pure, natural New Zealand beeswax.
    • We supply beeswax in 80 gram blocks.  This is a convenient size to use in candlemaking, polishes or for cosmetic purposes.
    • use to craft your own candles for the most ambient, healthy aroma to further enhance your living spaces.
    • unbeatable polish ingredient to feed your leather and wooden articles resulting in a lovely lustre and protective surface.
    • An essential ingredient to use in the making of various cosmetics as well as skincare products.
    • Finally, make your own beeswax wraps for an eco-friendly alternative to gladwrap and greaseproof paper.