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Apifuge bee calm aerosol

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Apifuge Bee Calm aerosol spray is a quick way to calm down your bees. It is a substitute for a traditional smoker in a variety of operations:  quick inspections, clearing supers and simple manipulations.  Spray on to hands immediately before opening the hive – no need for gloves.

This deterrent agent can also be sprayed on clothing, gloves or hands if not using gloves.  Do not spray directly onto the bees in the hive.

Manufactured in France by Thomas Apiculture. Contents 500 mls.

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  • Description

    Thomas Apiculture’s Apifuge Bee Calm Spray:

    • This product is a quick way to calm down your bees.  It is a good idea to have a can on hand for emergencies.
    • Apifuge Bee Calm Spray is a useful substitute for a smoker for quick inspections and simple manipulations.
    • You can  spray Apifuge on your gloves or beesuit and also on your hands to eliminate the need of gloves when working your hive.
    • Ideal for helicopter pilots to ensure safety from bee stings.  Great for protection in a situation where a protective veil is unable to be worn due to safety and/or visibility issues.
    • Do not spray directly on bees at close range.  The idea is to spray across the top of the frames to deter the bees from coming up.  This method helps to clear the supers.
    • Manufactured in France by Thomas Apiculture.
    • Contents 500 mls.

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    Weight .395 kg
    Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 24 cm