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Apibox Maxi

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Apibox Maxi is an easy-to-use system for preparing honeycomb for sale.  It uses a 35mm wide basswood frame (wide enough to hold two rows of containers), and special PET food grade recyclable plastic boxes that fit neatly in your super either with your regular frames or as a whole super load.

When the boxes are filled out all you need to do is simply close the lid on each packet and you have 24 attractively presented packs of comb honey for sale.  The sections hold up to 125g of comb honey in each.  We also supply the replacement packs of 24 boxes to use in your frame next time.

The usual precautions for producing comb honey remain:

  • Do not harvest comb after the end of December in tutin areas.
  • Always ensure the honey is tested before sale.
  • To produce the best quality comb honey you must insert your boxes right at the peak of the honey flow so the bees fill out the comb quickly.

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    Hive World supplies Apibox Maxi comb honey sections for using in your Langstroth hives:

    • Comb honey production with a difference!
    • The Apibox Maxi system comes as a completely self-contained set consisting of a basswood frame with 24 plastic PET boxes which are placed 12 on each side.
    • The basswood frame is wider than the standard frame (35mm) so it can support two rows of boxes.
    • The bottom of each box has a honeycomb texture on which the bees can build honeycomb without the need to insert any wax foundation.  (Lightly spraying or brushing with beeswax would be advantageous however).
    • Apibox sections can hold up to around 125g of honeycomb each.
    • Once the bees have filled the boxes, simply remove from frame and close with the supplied lid and voila!  You have a ready to sell product.
    • The boxes are made from PET plastic.  This is a safe, non-toxic and recyclable material suitable for storage of food and beverages.
    • We also supply refills of the boxes ready for your next crop sold in lots of 24.
    • Always remember the rules for harvesting comb honey.  Do not harvest comb honey after December in tutin-affected areas and ensure you test a sample of the comb before sale.
    • For the best results set your apibox system up in a strong hive at the peak of the early summer flow.

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    Dimensions 49.5 × 24.5 × 5 cm