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24 x PET Apibox Refills

$34.70 Excluding GST

Hive World supplies packs of 24 x PET Apibox Refills to use with your Apibox comb honey system.  Enables you to re-use your frames year after year.  Literally the bees operate a comb honey factory with the end product ready to sell.  All you have to do is put the supplied lid on each box!


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  • Description
  • Description

    Hive World supplies sets of 24 x PET Apibox Refills:

    • These 24 x PET Apibox Refills fit neatly into your ApiBox basswood frame.   The bees can then produce comb honey all ready for sale.
    • Totally safe, food-grade plastic enhances the naturally beautiful appearance of your comb honey for a highly saleable product.
    • Easy to use and convenient to purchase: once you have your Apibox frame – you can reap the benefits year after year with these stylish refills.