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Welcome to our APINZ Conference Sale Page!

This year, we are sad not to meet you all face to face at our usual Hive World Conference stand.  The vibe of the gathering is always such a positive experience, even while experiencing challenging times.  We are sharing some special offers for you here instead on our new Sale page.

Lockdown has been a great opportunity to look at our own company and learn from the past and look to the future.

As one result of this, we have looked at our range of BJ Sherriff beesuits to consider ways we can provide for our customers better.

Going forward, we will keep good stocks on hand of the regular colour range (khaki, mocha and white) in all sizes.   However, we can still bring in special colour preferences as required.  These will be ordered twice a year in March and September.  Urgent orders outside of this time could be subject to extra charges.

  • Meanwhile, we are making room by selling our beautiful coloured beesuits at a special rate while stocks last!  Instead of $250.00 + GST they are selling for $220 + GST for the month of July.  With this special rate we still offer free freight on these suits so make the most of your opportunity.
  • Also on offer is a special bulk-buy discount on our 3.5L and 6L Frame Feeders as well as our Quick-Comb Honey Frames.

Enjoy shopping our


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