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Protective clothing and accessories

Hive World sells beautiful, functional protective clothing for you as well as regular beesuits at economical prices. For the professional beekeeper searching for protective clothing and accessories that will last the distance – look no further.

Beekeeper Tip:  Choose loose clothing in light colour, white or khaki as bees associate dark colours with predators or holes.  However your veil needs to be black for better visibility.

Hive World are the NZ agents for B.J. Sherriff who manufacture the acknowledged Rolls Royce of  beesuits worldwide.  They developed the original Clear View veil and still manufacture their suits at their workshop in Cornwall.  Each beesuit is traceable to the original machinist.  Sherriff claim the average life of their beesuits is 15 years and they guarantee their zips for 5 years. (This is a great plus to those of you who have suffered with shoddy zippers).

The Sherriff Apiarist beesuit is made from a closely woven polyester-cotton that the bees find difficult to sting through.  They are the most comfortable well-fitting suit you will ever wear, lightweight but quality construction.

Our Thomas Apix-Air Ventilated Beesuits and Jackets are also a light comfortable style.  Thomas Apix-Air is made in France to a high standard.  They use YKK zippers with placket cover and reinforced material in the hardwearing areas.  The jacket is a great alternative for those who can’t be bothered with a full suit. It is a good option if you want something quick to put on when heading off to the bees.

Sherriff Handy Hoods are another option for a grab-and-go that can turn your ordinary workgear into a bee-proof haven.

For those who prefer to spend less:

HiveWorld’s own Regular and Green-foam Ventilated Suits are an economical option.  The Green Foam Bee Suit provides comforting padding between you and the stings and has ventilated panels to help keep you cool.

Our disposable Tyvek style coveralls are a handy extra to keep in the truck as the shiny material stops bees getting a grip to sting.

We stock beekeeping gloves from small to XXL (Size 6-12):  

Sherriff washable leather gloves, quality Thomas leather gloves or lightweight plain or ventilated goatskin gloves. We have plenty of options for those who like to be able to manipulate their hives/tools with ease.

We also stock Aspivenin kits.   These are a useful re-usable pack to have in your car/ute to use for all insect stings/bites.  They work by simply sucking the venom out before it causes irritation.

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