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Your honey house has to be hygienic.  No ifs and buts.  Laws regarding hygiene standards must be strictly adhered to in registered food preparation sites.

Hygiene practice simply means maintaining good cleaning habits.  Furthermore, ensure everyone entering the honey house is aware of the rules (and practices them!).  The honey house is normally kept fairly secure in order to prevent bees tracking down their lost stores.  Due to this, the space is easier to keep separate from the surrounding work areas and therefore clean.

  • For easy cleaning install stainless steel surfaces.
  • Likewise, wear protective clothing to help ensure no contamination in your product.  (Hive World can supply tyvek style overalls and nitrile gloves for use in these situations.)

Propolis Solvent is the ultimate solution for removing this sticky stuff.    Our many satisfied customers witness to its effective removal of propolis from clothing, frames, tools and work surfaces.

Unfortunately, this product is currently unavailable.

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