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Hive World products are manufactured here in New Zealand consequently you can be assured of their quality.   We have listened to your experiences to provide creative solutions to industry needs.

Our Paraffin Wax Dipper is the safest way to handle the potentially dangerous job of dipping supers in boiling wax.

Taratahi Testimonial

“I have bought cheaper but it’s nowhere near as good”  TW

“This paraffin dipper is truly idiot-proof – I’d feel safe leaving a schoolboy in charge” DB

We had a request for a tool that could handle the toughest propolized boxes, as a result we developed the Big Brute Hive Tool!

Hive World’s Beekeepers Tool Belt is the ultimate beekeepers accessory.   Not just for its snazzy good looks!  The ultra strong magnet ensures your hive tool can’t walk away by itself.

“I was always misplacing my hive tool then a friend mentioned to me about a beekeepers tool belt at Hive World.  This is one of the best products I have purchased.  I never misplace anything now – the magnet holds the hivetool in place plus there are pockets for other items.”  JDM

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