Hive World NZ are committed to promote bee health without the use of synthetic chemicals that can leave residue in honey and that bees can become resistant to.

We promote the use of organic products that stimulate bee health and will help the bees survive in  the current environment.

Probee41 is a formula that is a 100% natural herbal solution produced from oils of medical plants, aromatic plant and flower extracts including thyme oil, blueberry oil, eucalyptus oil, walnut leaves extract and pine oil.

Benefits of Probee41


  • Increases egg laying performance of the queen
  • Strengthens the bees immune system
  • Protects bees against diseases, poisoning and prevents bee deaths
  • Protects against bacteria and parasites
  • Increased honey yield
  • Helps control varroa
  • Contains Proteins and Vitamins so no other supplements are needed

Probee41 does not leave any residue in the honey and does not contain any chemicals or synthetic substances. It has no side effects.

Probee41 can be added to sugar syrup, added to pollen patties or sprayed into the hive and onto brood frames.

Probee41 is available in 1 litre and 250ml bottles  see link to purchase below

“Probee41 is really good. I’ve heard that there’s been a lot of mite around our area this year and we have been treating our hives with Probee41 for 12 months and we are happy with how it controls Varroa. It has also eliminated wax moth, noticeably makes the queen layout more and the worker bees strong flyers. We feed Probee41 in the syrup during the winter months and spray the hives every time we check them “
E W.  Dargaville, commercial Bee keeper for 40 years,1500 hives,
  • Turkey is the second largest producer of honey after China producing 22% of the worlds honey.
  • Turkey has 6.8 million hives and 58,000 registered beekeepers.
  • Turkey produces 92% of the worlds Pine Honey (honey Dew)
  • Approximately 70% of all plants in Turkey are floralistic
  • Nearly all honey produced in Turkey is consumed locally (1.2 kg per capita)
  • Honey has been harvested in Turkey for 4,000 years
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