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I read an article a while ago about Tanging. What is Tanging you may well ask!

Tanking is a bit of beekeeping folklore going back to the Medieval Times when bees were kept in Skeps and the only way of producing a new hive was by swarming, But this meant you needed to house the swarm before it took off somewhere else. This was achieved by Tanging, which involved banging pots together to create a loud noise when the swarm was in the air. The theory was that the loud noise causes the swarm to drop to the ground where it can be caught. As bees do not hear it must be the vibrations that they detected.

Well I put this information aside a an old wives tale until last week a customer told me he he saw one of his hives swarm and so he grabbed a couple of shovels and banged them together and sure enough they dropped to the grass and eventually occupied a nearby fencepost where he collected it into a box.

Was this a coincidence or for real?



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