We now stock oxalic acid tablets.

These NZ manufactured tablets are a world first being less than 1% water and almost 100% oxalic acid with no binders.

The theory with vaporisers is to sublimate the oxalic acid so it turns from a solid directly into a gas. This does not happen immediately with oxalic powder as it  is supplied in a dihydrate form and can contains up to 30%  water, therefore the water needs to boil off first before the acid will sublimate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Advantages of the tablets are –

  • Safer -No messy oxalic powder spilt.
  • Easier – just drop the tablet/s in the crucible.
  • Quicker – sublimation will start immediately.
  • Works with all types of vaporisers.
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