This is what our customers are saying:

“You’re so easy to work with. Thank you” AP

“My order has arrived, again in super quick time. THANK YOU, look forward to dealing with you again” PB.

“Thanks for your awesome customer service” G & G

“My order arrived, very pleased with my purchase. Thanks for the great service”. Anthony.

“Really appreciate you doing this and the arrangement is great. I will be dealing with you in future and recommending you”. Ed

“Friendly and knowledgeable, would definitely recommend them to others”. MT

Question on Facebook as to what Hiveworld is like to deal with:

“Rod and his wife are very professional and accommodating.  I’ve used them quite a lot as they are just down the road in Porirua so there is no costly freight charges.” MK

“I’ve used them a couple of times – seem very efficient with orders, even took my 0800 phone call on Boxing Day and order just came today.  I recommend them”  GS

“Excellent”  WC

“Agreed – excellent for me too” CM

“I bought an extractor from them.  Must say, worth the money”  CN

“I’ve dealt with them quite a few times now.  I say they are brilliant to deal with.”  PO

“Friendly, helpful and stock everything I need”  AS

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