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    Attention all Jigsaw lovers!  Hive World stocks this beautiful 1000 […]

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    Hive World sells beautiful French made hexagonal shaped soap made from 100% pure vegetable oils with a fragrance of either honey or propolis.  These dainty 25g soaps are ideal for a gift package for someone special or to treat yourself with a gentle French lather!

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    A Beekeeper’s Year:  A practical guide to caring for bees […]

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    ABColouring book will give your artistic children loads of fun colouring in and reading the story about Belinda Bee and her hive-mates.  An interesting way to teach kids facts about bees while having fun.

    A book your favourite junior bee-lover will love to colour and keep.

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    Hive World stocks the AFB Elimination Manual - an essential reference book for any beekeepers library.  Written by a New Zealander and based on New Zealand conditions.

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    An attractive 100% cotton tea towel featuring a beautiful bee garden scene from the Alex Clark Collection.  A lovely gift for someone special.

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    APIVAR Varroa treatment (like Apitraz) is the reciprocal treatment for Bayvarol varroa treatment.  These two products are designed to be used alternatively each six months to prevent resistance building up in the varroa mite.

    Hive World sells this in either multiples of 1 x 12 strip pack or 1 x 4strip packs for your convenience.

    It is now recognised practice to use multiple treatment types over the whole season to ensure you keep your varroa level under control.


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    Bayvarol  for varroa treatment .

    Each foil packet contains 4 strips - this is enough to treat 1 brood box.

    Easy and safe to use - simply inset between frames in brood box.

    Leave in hive for 6 - 8 weeks to provide maximum effectiveness.

    Best used in summer after honey harvest but can be used any time if there are severe infestations of mites.

    Active ingredient is  Flumetherin 3.6mg per strip.

  • Hive World's Bee Motif Ribbon is a cute way to decorate your packages or clothing or for use as a hair ribbon.

    We sell it by the metre so simply specify how many metres you require.

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    Hive World's Bee Patterned Umbrella is the way to cheer up a rainy day.  While all your sensible bees are tucked in their hive, cosy and dry,  you can splash out with this cheery look to bring a smile to everyone you meet.

    On the serious side, this bubble style umbrella will really keep you dry in style.  Imported from Thomas Apiculture in France to bring a little Parisian chic to the bee yard.

    Look out for our bee patterned gumboots coming soon!  (Just joking)

  • The Hive World Beekeepers Tool Belt is the ultimate beekeepers accessory.

    Never lose your hive tool again!  The ultra-strong magnet holds your hive tool in place until required.  Takes hive tools up to 30mm wide (including our whopping Big Brute).  With a multi-compartment pouch to hold all those little extras (queen roller, grafting tool, queen marker etc.,) this tool belt will keep all your tools within easy reach.

    This is THE gift for your favourite beekeeper.

    Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

    Phone pouches also available.

    Tools shown not included.

    "I was always misplacing my hive tool,then a friend mention to me about a bee keepers tool belt at Hive World. This is one of the best products I have purchased.  I never misplace anything now, the magnet holds the hive tool in place, plus there other pockets for other items."

    Regards J D M. ("He actually purchased two!" Hive World NZ)

    N.B.  For the many Australian beekeepers interested in this product, please contact us direct on [email protected] as we cannot process your order on our website.  For your information freight charges are $25.00 untracked or $40.00 international courier.

    For multi-buy discounts (3+) please contact us either by phone (0800 000 770) or email ([email protected]).


  • These soft goatskin leather protective beekeeping gloves have an elasticated calico gauntlet.  They are comfortable to work in allowing dexterity while managing your hive equipment.  Available in sizes S - XXL